Question. What is your firm’s pricing policy?

What is your firm’s pricing policy?

Audit Consulting maintains loyalty in its pricing policy. We always go to meet the Client and are ready to offer the optimal payment system. The cost of our legal services depends on many factors. There are fixed-rate services, and there are services that are difficult to calculate in advance. You can get more exact price information by phone or at the office of our law firm.

Can your law firm visit your Client?

So. Our law firm appreciates Client’s time and travel to the client’s office or other convenient location. Also, our specialists negotiate with Customers through various modern telecommunication means.

Do you provide services only in Kyiv (Ukraine) or in other cities (countries)?

Audit Consulting has both full-time lawyers and attorneys in many regions of Ukraine, as well as professionals who work on the client’s request. Also, our law firm cooperates with many foreign law firms of the CIS and far abroad.

Can we get acquainted with your clients and successful projects?

Our law firm maintains complete confidentiality in dealing with our Clients and adheres to the ethics of non-disclosure of information about its Client and his / her cases. But, in some cases, when the buyer does not object to the publicity of our cooperation with him and gave his written consent, we may refer to business relations with customers.

Sometimes we need legal help, but it doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer. Can we partner with your law firm on an ongoing basis?

Yes of course. Our firm is ready to develop a customized package of legal services for you. Also, with full legal support (outsourcing), you get a discount on additional legal services.

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