Legal Due diligence

Legal Due diligence is a set of procedures and actions aimed at a comprehensive study of a company’s activity, its financial status, legal stability and market position, followed by the submission of an analytical report to the Customer.erhfbyf

The need for Legal Due diligence arises from the Client in the process of acquisition, sale or acquisition of the investment object. The benefits and liabilities of the intended transaction are assessed by analyzing all aspects of the past, present and projected future of the business acquired and identifying any potential risks.

Lack of due diligence can cause poor financial results after the owner changes, cause lawsuits, tax and financial audits and other more unpleasant consequences.

Non-conduct risks:

– invalidation of the issue of securities for a joint-stock company;

– recognition of null and void agreements;

– invalidation of decisions made by management bodies;

– recognition of invalid reorganization of a legal entity;

– liquidation of a legal entity;

– bringing to administrative responsibility of the enterprise and its officials;

– criminal prosecution of company officials.

Stages of carrying out:
– Collection of documents and necessary data

– Examination of the received documentation in accordance with the national legislation and principles of business turnover.

– Provide a comprehensive report on the financial and legal status of the business.

Content of the report provided:
1. General information

2. Specification

3. Corporate management of the company

3.1. Review of constituent documents

3.2. Legal status overview

3.2. Overview of key corporate governance documents

3.3. Review of decisions of collegial governing bodies

3.4. Overview of the basic power of attorney

4. Shares and shareholders of the company

4.1. Overview of major stock deals

4.2. Shareholder Overview

4.3. Review of shareholders’ property and non-property rights

5. State regulation of the company

6. Major contracts and other transactions of the company

6.1. Overview of contracts with major suppliers and buyers

6.2. Review of loan operations and financial liabilities

6.3. Review of leases and leases of assets

7. Certificates of property rights of the company

7.1. Real Estate Rights Review

7.2. Review of rights to other material assets

7.3. Asset encumbrance overview

8. Labor relations in the company

9. claim activity of the company

10. Summary

Also, Audit Consulting Law Firm provides services:
– Legal services

– Accounting services

– Development of internal documentation

– Checking partners and counterparties

– Optimization

– Support of state. of tenders /





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