Legal advice 911

As part of providing emergency assistance to residents and guests of the city of Kiev, our team includes professional attorneys and lawyers specializing in various areas of law:

  • Attorneys on criminal cases of economic orientation.
  • Removal from housing (real estate lawyers).
  • Auto Attorney, Road accident.
  • Deportation, residence permit, migration.
  • Attorneys for mobilization and conscription (military lawyer).
  • Advocates for protection against special anti-corruption bodies (NABU, SAP).
  • Family Lawyers.
  • Lawyers for criminal cases against life and health (robbery, theft, robbery).

Our partners:

Law Firm Consulting Bureau –

Immigration lawyer –

Real Estate Law Center –

Lawyer on business and business cases –

Lawyers for protection of intellectual property rights –

Lawyers for Administrative Disputes –

Called by one number:
You will have the opportunity to obtain legal advice or emergency legal assistance at the scene.

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