Question. What is your firm’s pricing policy?

What is your firm’s pricing policy?

Audit Consulting maintains loyalty in its pricing policy. We always go to meet the Client and are ready to offer the optimal payment system. The cost of our legal services depends on many factors. There are fixed-rate services, and there are services that are difficult to calculate in advance. You can get more exact price information by phone or at the office of our law firm.

Can your law firm visit your Client?

So. Our law firm appreciates Client’s time and travel to the client’s office or other convenient location. Also, our specialists negotiate with Customers through various modern telecommunication means.

Do you provide services only in Kyiv (Ukraine) or in other cities (countries)?

Audit Consulting has both full-time lawyers and attorneys in many regions of Ukraine, as well as professionals who work on the client’s request. Also, our law firm cooperates with many foreign law firms of the CIS and far abroad.

Can we get acquainted with your clients and successful projects?

Our law firm maintains complete confidentiality in dealing with our Clients and adheres to the ethics of non-disclosure of information about its Client and his / her cases. But, in some cases, when the buyer does not object to the publicity of our cooperation with him and gave his written consent, we may refer to business relations with customers.

Sometimes we need legal help, but it doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer. Can we partner with your law firm on an ongoing basis?

Yes of course. Our firm is ready to develop a customized package of legal services for you. Also, with full legal support (outsourcing), you get a discount on additional legal services.

Legal Due diligence

Legal Due diligence is a set of procedures and actions aimed at a comprehensive study of a company’s activity, its financial status, legal stability and market position, followed by the submission of an analytical report to the Customer.erhfbyf

The need for Legal Due diligence arises from the Client in the process of acquisition, sale or acquisition of the investment object. The benefits and liabilities of the intended transaction are assessed by analyzing all aspects of the past, present and projected future of the business acquired and identifying any potential risks.

Lack of due diligence can cause poor financial results after the owner changes, cause lawsuits, tax and financial audits and other more unpleasant consequences.

Non-conduct risks:

– invalidation of the issue of securities for a joint-stock company;

– recognition of null and void agreements;

– invalidation of decisions made by management bodies;

– recognition of invalid reorganization of a legal entity;

– liquidation of a legal entity;

– bringing to administrative responsibility of the enterprise and its officials;

– criminal prosecution of company officials.

Stages of carrying out:
– Collection of documents and necessary data

– Examination of the received documentation in accordance with the national legislation and principles of business turnover.

– Provide a comprehensive report on the financial and legal status of the business.

Content of the report provided:
1. General information

2. Specification

3. Corporate management of the company

3.1. Review of constituent documents

3.2. Legal status overview

3.2. Overview of key corporate governance documents

3.3. Review of decisions of collegial governing bodies

3.4. Overview of the basic power of attorney

4. Shares and shareholders of the company

4.1. Overview of major stock deals

4.2. Shareholder Overview

4.3. Review of shareholders’ property and non-property rights

5. State regulation of the company

6. Major contracts and other transactions of the company

6.1. Overview of contracts with major suppliers and buyers

6.2. Review of loan operations and financial liabilities

6.3. Review of leases and leases of assets

7. Certificates of property rights of the company

7.1. Real Estate Rights Review

7.2. Review of rights to other material assets

7.3. Asset encumbrance overview

8. Labor relations in the company

9. claim activity of the company

10. Summary

Also, Audit Consulting Law Firm provides services:
– Legal services

– Accounting services

– Development of internal documentation

– Checking partners and counterparties

– Optimization

– Support of state. of tenders /





The firm specializes

 is operating on the audit market since April 6, 1999.

The firm specializes in conducting audits of joint stock companies, due diligence (pre-sale analysis of enterprises on request of investors), accounting services for enterprises and entrepreneurs, consultations on tax and accounting matters, etc.

For many years of experience we have accumulated the experience that we have successfully used in cooperation with clients who are representatives of large, medium-sized enterprises, small businesses in a wide range of industries, namely:

  • Production enterprises
  • Motor transport enterprises
  • Enterprises of the mining industry
  • Wholesale and retail trade, catering
  • Service industry companies
  • Agricultural enterprises
    Trading in securities
  • Сredit unions

We cooperate with enterprises of different forms of ownership and entrepreneurs from different regions of Ukraine.

We provide assistance in compiling financial statements in accordance with international standards, which greatly facilitates the cooperation of enterprises with foreign investors.

At customer’s request, audit findings may be in foreign languages ​​(English, German, Russian).

The principles of our work:

  • confidentiality,
  • professionalism,
  • efficiency,
  • reliability,
  • compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The approach to pricing depends on our labor costs, that is, the labor intensity of individual stages of work.



Since 2018, according to the Ukrainian legislation, all companies are required to have websites and spread on them information about the audit.

Otherwise, the company may be penalized.

Our company will provide an audit of your company, create a website for you, and ensure compliance with the law from the part of the audit publication.

Also we can provide accounting at your enterprise.

In the complex – cheaper.

Audit and accounting


Legal advice 911

As part of providing emergency assistance to residents and guests of the city of Kiev, our team includes professional attorneys and lawyers specializing in various areas of law:

  • Attorneys on criminal cases of economic orientation.
  • Removal from housing (real estate lawyers).
  • Auto Attorney, Road accident.
  • Deportation, residence permit, migration.
  • Attorneys for mobilization and conscription (military lawyer).
  • Advocates for protection against special anti-corruption bodies (NABU, SAP).
  • Family Lawyers.
  • Lawyers for criminal cases against life and health (robbery, theft, robbery).

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Called by one number:
You will have the opportunity to obtain legal advice or emergency legal assistance at the scene.

Organization and accounting

The organization of management accounting at small enterprises in ukraine

The purpose of auditing services in accounting is to perform the tasks of choosing the form of organization and accounting, development of accounting policy, work plan of accounts, preparation of registers of synthetic and analytical accounting, development of workflow schedules, selection of technical support for accounting.

The peculiarities of the customer’s business activity and its structure are analyzed; document turnover analysis; features of taxation; developing accounting policies to optimize accounting and tax accounting, etc.

Accounting services are carried out in the following stages:

1) Receiving primary documents from the Customer;
2) registration of performed business operations;
3) compilation of accounting registers;
4) formation of tax, financial, statistical and other reporting.

Mandatory Audit Cases

Some cases of compulsory audit stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine

Article 8, paragraph 1. The Law of Ukraine “On audit activity”

Confirmations of the accuracy and completeness of the annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements

enterprises – issuers of bonds
– professional securities market participants
– financial institutions
– other business entities whose reporting in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is subject to official publication, with the exception of institutions and organizations that are fully supported by the state budget

Article 8, paragraph 2. The Law of Ukraine “On audit activity”

Checking the financial condition of the founders
– banks
– enterprises with foreign investment
– open joint-stock companies (except individuals),
– insurance and holding companies, joint investment institutions
– trust companies and other financial intermediaries

Article 8, paragraph 3. The Law of Ukraine “On audit activity”

For issuers of securities and derivatives (derivatives), as well as upon receipt of a license to carry out professional activities in the securities market

Article 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On Business Companies”

The reliability and completeness of the annual financial statements of the company must be confirmed by the auditor (audit firm).

A mandatory audit of the annual financial statements of companies with an annual economic turnover of less than two hundred and fifty tax-free minimums is carried out once every three years.

Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine “On Business Companies”

The financial condition of the founders (other than individuals) of open joint-stock companies regarding their ability to make appropriate contributions to the authorized (joint-stock) capital should be checked by the auditor (audit firm).

Article 40, clause 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Securities and Stock Exchange”

Securities issuers submit an audit report as part of annual information

Article 75, paragraph 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies”
The annual financial statements of a public joint-stock company are subject to mandatory review by an independent auditor.

Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine “On Credit Unions”

The reliability and completeness of the annual reporting of the credit union must be confirmed by an independent auditor (audit firm), determined by the general meeting of the credit union. The audit report is submitted to the Authorized body and submitted to the general meeting of the credit union.

Article 5 of the Decree of the CMU “On Trust Companies”

The reliability and completeness of the annual balance sheet and statements of trust companies must be confirmed by the auditor (audit firm).

Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine “On Insurance”

The reliability and completeness of the annual balance sheet and reporting of insurers must be confirmed by the auditor (audit firm).

Article 5, paragraph 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Non-State Pension Provision”

When submitting the annual reporting to the national commission that exercises state regulation in the field of financial services markets and the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market, the administrator and asset management company must add a copy of the established audit report to the said statements.

Article 397 p. 5 Commercial Code of Ukraine

Foreign investors have the right to demand compensation for losses caused to them by unlawful actions or inaction of state authorities or local authorities, their officials. Losses of foreign investors should be compensated at current market prices or based on reasonable estimates confirmed by an independent auditor (audit organization).

Article 37, clause 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On state registration of legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs”

… the auditor’s opinion is submitted on the reliability and completeness of the deed of transfer or separation balance sheet.

Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking”

Each member of the banking group is required to ensure that the annual audit of the annual financial statements is carried out by the auditor (audit firm). The responsible person of the banking group is obliged to ensure that the audit firm conducts annual audits of the annual consolidated financial statements of the banking group

The order of the Financial Services Commission dated December 29, 2005 No. 5224

Audit of annual financial statements of a pawnshop and financial company statements

Clause 2.2 (5) of the Procedure for the Coordination of Acquisition or Increase of Significant Participation in a Financial Institution

(Order of the National Financial Services Commission dated December 4, 2012 No. 2531)

an audit report on the interim financial statements of a legal entity for the last quarter preceding a decision to acquire or increase a substantial participation in the authorized (joint-stock) capital of a financial institution;

Restoration of accounting

Accounting restoration is performed in order to systematize existing and restore lost records in the system of accounting registers.

Recovery is required when the facts of misconduct for previous periods are detected or missing in certain areas.

Accounting recovery is performed using the following procedures:

-analysis, systematization and processing of primary documents;
-analysis of existing and restoration of missing accounting events for the previous periods;
-registration of business transactions for previous periods;
– preparation of accounting records, preparation of correct records for the previous periods, filling in of corrective calculations;
-formation of accounting records and reporting for previous periods, etc.

As a result of performing the accounting restoration service, the customer receives accounting and tax registers, financial and tax statements, formed in the previous periods.